We have been helping people lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and reach their wellness goals for over six years !! We are not a WEIGHT LOSS CHAIN but actually live and work in the communities we serve.  We offer customized solutions to help you meet and maintain your goals. Our MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS options include the following: #1 prescription appetite suppressants along with a detailed diet plan and exercise recommendation. And #2 the HCG diet (prescription strength only).

We carry many options for NATURAL weight loss as well to include MEDICAL GRADEsupplements, low carb/high protein meal replacement plans and menus (bars, shakes, meals). We know there is no miracle, “one size fits all” product or program and that’s why we start with an initial consult and medical asessment which helps us determine, along with you, what will work best for YOU Whether you want to lose 10# or 100# we can help you reach your goal !

While some of our clients face the challenge of losing a substantial amount of weight, others are looking to stop the slide into an overweight condition while others are seeking help with maintaining their ideal weight and achieving muscle tone with a healthier diet and a more active, energetic life style. We will determine with you, where you are and then help get you where you want to be. Our professional staff has helped professional athletes to soccer moms, business women and men as well as other health care providers meet their wellness goals. And, we are eager to help you as well.

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