No Sugar Coating It

 “No Sugar Coating It”– Anti-inflammation, Autoimmune promoting, Gut healthy, Metabolism Reboot

[very low carb, no added sugar, increased protein, increased healthy fats] — Commit to 1 month to create better habits, decrease cravings  and for optimal weight loss results

Supplements needed: KLB (kelp, lecithin, bromelain, apple-cider vinegar, blue-green algae; helps with thyroid function, belly bloat, water retention, increases inches loss), EFA (essential fatty acids Omega 3 – 6- 9; involved with all metabolic processes including fat metabolism, increases calorie burning), Synergy/Chromium (chromium mineral supplement which aids the thyroid in metabolic function), Stixated (Garcinia Cambogia decreases cravings between meals, promotes feeling of fullness, helps to curb overeating tendencies and sugar cravings)

Grocery List: 

Proteins: Eggs, , bacon , protein bars, protein shakes, beef jerky, , oikos triple zero greek yogurt, , ground turkey, lean no antibiotics/hormone ground beef, frozen skinless/boneless chicken breasts/thighs, almond butter, no sugar peanut butter

Produce: apples, peaches lettuce, cabbage frozen greenbeans, frozen broccoli florets, riced cauliflower, tomatoes, strawberries

Grains/Low carb options: edamame pasta (kroger), beans,

Snacks: individual cheese snacks, pork rinds, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, cold brew coffee (plain) half and half, sugar free torani syrups for coffee breyers carb smart ice cream , almonds, sunflower seeds, pickles


0615 — 20-30 min cardio/HIIT workout (running/jogging, elliptical, at home youtube workout) 5 x week

0800 Breakfast — oikos triple zero greek yogurt, eggs, bacon, sausage + KLB, EFAs, Synergy

1100 Supplements: stixated


1200 Lunch — leafy green salad with protein, cheese, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, fresh strawberries, balsamic vinaigrette dressing + KLB, EFAs, synergy

1500 Snack (only if hungry) pick one–>  sugar free latte, handful of pork rinds, handful of pistachios/walnuts/brazil nuts

1700 Supplement: stixated

1800 Dinner — Protein and veggies (baked chicken, sauteed greenbeans, roasted brussell sprouts, riced cauliflower, crock pot chili with cheese and 1 tbsp sour cream, keto recipes acceptable)

2100 — small apple, peach, plum or half protein bar

64 oz water daily (add mio, crystal light if needed for flavor) may have 1 diet soda daily

“the magic happens in between meals” – It’s good to feel hungry between meals