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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Is it about time to get rid of your tattoo? Is your tattoo no longer appealing? Absolute Wellness and Aesthetics offer laser tattoo removal, which can modify or remove unwanted tattoos from your skin. Laser tattoo removal is the most recent advancement in tattoo removal. Even if you’ve tried some commercially available products that fade or cover your tattoo, laser tattoo removal provides a permanent solution. In just three quick treatments, you can get rid of your tattoos. Depending on the ink depth/color, some tattoos require more treatments. 


Call the Absolute Wellness and Aesthetics office today if you are experiencing tattoo remorse or wish to remove a poorly done tattoo. Our highly trained and experienced laser technicians can help you achieve your desired look for a clean slate with laser tattoo removal.


Tattoo removal with lasers is the newest technique for removing unwanted tattoos. Although some products on the market may help fade or hide your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the only permanent solution.

Laser tattoo removal is ideal for people who:

  • Would like to get rid of one or more tattoos
  • Have tried other tattoo removal methods without success
  • Want to fade or remove part of a tattoo to have it redone
  • Contain multiple ink colors like red, purple, blue, teal, and green

Patients are seated or positioned comfortably in a treatment chair located in one of our laser treatment rooms during a laser tattoo removal session. After applying the numbing cream, the patient will be given specialized glasses to wear to protect their eyes during the treatment. A skilled laser technician will trace the tattoo with the laser device. The pain from laser treatments is very tolerable, and most of our patients say it’s worth it to get their tattoos removed.

After the procedure, some patients may experience minor blistering or itching, but these symptoms should subside quickly. 

The total number of laser treatments depends on the size of the tattoo. Most patients will see a noticeable difference after 2-3 treatments. 

It takes an average of four to six weeks for your tattoo to fade completely but may require more than one treatment.

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