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Katelynn M. Cook


Katelynn has been working at Absolute for seven years. She started as a diet tech and, over the years, has become an integral part of the Medical Aesthetics practice graduating and becoming an RN in 2020.
Her strengths are her love of learning and her commitment to bringing that knowledge to the treatments she performs on her patients. Her love for learning is evident in her daily practice as she thrives on understanding and meeting individual patient needs. Katelynn is a perfectionist by nature, and she is tireless at bringing her best to the office daily.  Her dedication to caring for others is seen as she makes strong connections with her patients; maintaining the patient’s  “Absolute” best is an ongoing challenge she takes personally. 
 Katelynn balances her life with exercise, spending time with friends and family, hanging out in a deer stand, and growing plants. 
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