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Why Is Diolaze XL So Effective for Laser Hair Removal?

Diolaze XL

Puberty is a roller-coaster ride. We felt the start of being matured in the emotional and mental aspects when we started to have love interests and could decide independently. On the other hand, our physical appearance gradually changes, whether through make-up or through the natural way where our body signals signs such as growing hair on our armpits and private areas. For some women, armpit hairs are embarrassing because, in men, hormonal changes like this are normal. We all go through puberty, and treating these changes in our way can either break or make us. That is why we should rely on a procedure we can trust. All of this stubborn hair should not be of your worry because Diolaze XL exists. 

What is Diolaze XL? 

The Diolaze XL is an advanced laser hair removal treatment that removes unwanted hair from the body safely and efficiently. It uses a standard gold wavelength and is administered by a doctor mainly to target hair follicles in the treatment areas. The Food and Drug Administration also cleared the Diolaze XL as effective and safe for removing unwanted body hair. 

According to sources, Diolaze XL can treat large areas, making it convenient and quick to use. It is also strong enough to remove the most stubborn hair and practically targets it from the roots, so unwanted hair regrowth would be unnecessary. 

How does Diolaze XL work? 

Diolaze XL uses a diode laser beam that passes through the skin and hair follicles. This powerful penetrating energy is targeted to heat the hair roots so possible hair growth will not occur. 

Am I the right candidate for Diolaze XL?

Although we emphasize the safety of Diolaze XL, not everyone can be a suitable candidate for the treatment. That is why it is best to conduct a consultation first to talk about your concerns, goals, and needs. This consultation process will also determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. You are an ideal candidate if you have the following:

  • Darker hair with lighter tone/pigment
  • Unwanted body/facial hair
  • Ingrown hair from waxing or shaving

Aside from these, you can be a potential candidate if you have good overall health or other hair removal methods do not work well for you. 

What body parts can Diolaze XL treat? 

Diolaze XL is effectively safe in removing hair from the entire body and mainly on the face. The treatment eliminates dark and thick hair gently enough; it is also efficient on the bikini area and the face. Your provider can apply products that make the hair removal process painless in all treatment areas. You can also have several parts of the body treated in one session.

Here are some body areas that patients typically undergo hair removal:

  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Upper arms and forearms
  • Sideburns
  • Chin and neck
  • Stomach

How many treatments and sessions will I need? 

Usually, your provider will advise you to have five to six sessions one month apart. According to sources, most hair will be gone by the fourth treatment. The spaces and interval time is for you to allow the treated areas to recover. Factors such as hair type, hair color, skin tone, and body area are the determinants of how many sessions your provider will require you. Aside from this, the space also gives time for hair follicles in the dormant phase to reach the active growth phase to be treated.

Moreover, your doctor can treat smaller areas faster, like your upper lip. The treatment usually lasts for about 20-30 minutes.  

Reasons why Diolaze XL will take you to the next level of laser hair removal

  • It has minimal downtime

  • Most of us would not want to suffer from getting the beauty we enjoy. Although the treatment is gentle, you may still feel sunburn on the treated areas after using the treatment. When you choose to treat your bikini line, your provider may offer you numbing cream for comfort. Other than this, you can continue doing your daily routine. However, it would help to avoid sun exposure for 24 hours to give your treated areas some time to heal. There may also be rare cases of discomfort in treated areas. When this happens, you can try anti-inflammatory creams and ice packs. 
  • The treatment process is soothing.

  • During your laser hair removal appointment, you can take time to relax in your provider’s treatment rooms while they clean your skin to remove oil, dirt, and moisturizers. In the process, the laser technician will stretch out the skin being treated to provide a sufficient direct path between the laser and the root of the hair follicle. The laser’s heat energy will disable and target the hair follicle, which will stop it from growing back. Diolaze XL also has a built-in skin cooling surface which makes it painless and more comfortable. 
  • It is convenient and fast.

  • As mentioned earlier, Diolaze XL uses a standard gold wavelength to achieve admirable results. The treatment is also fast, taking up 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Aside from these, you can also opt for fewer sessions and still achieve your goals because Diolaze XL penetrates the roots of your hair follicles, so you would not need more sessions to remove unwanted hair. 
  • It is preferable to other hair removal procedures.

  • Other traditional laser hair removal procedures are not for all skin types, but Diolaze XL is. Another example of hair removal therapy is electrolysis which requires long and numerous painful sessions. 

If you are a victim of tons of plucking, waxing, and shaving, well, we all know that none of it worked because the unwanted hair kept on coming back. But Diolaze XL promises permanent hair removal, so you do not need to settle on something temporary. 


Do you want to experience all this awesomeness? In Absolute Healthcare & Wellness, you will indeed be taken to the next level of laser hair removal with Diolaze XL! Along with other FDA-approved services, you will experience professionalism and feel your best after treatments. 

Now, secure a slot in the best medical spa and get rid of that stubborn unwanted hair because we all deserve to feel good about ourselves!

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