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How Does TruSculpt Flex work?

How Does TruSculpt Flex work

Achieving a well-toned body or an hourglass one requires discipline and consistency. And when this is already completed, maintaining it is also crucial. That is why many people stop and stumble in the process, which results in a worse body structure. Body parts such as the buttocks, stomach, and thighs are the most common ones people desire for a perfect shape. If you aim for treatment to contour such areas simultaneously, TruSculpt Flex is what you need! 

TruSculpt Flex is the newest technological innovation that aids in improving abdominal tone, developing a firmer abdomen, and strengthening abdominal muscles. Aside from this. TruSculpt flex is also great for toning, firming, and strengthening thighs, buttocks, and other muscle groups. This process involves using electrical currents to push the muscles into the extended contractions and can simultaneously contour the muscle groups mentioned. 

What is the process for TruSculpt Flex? 

In preparing for TruSculpt Flex, you need to ensure that you are well-hydrated; the treatment area is shaved (if there is a lot of hair); you did not exercise 12 hours before the treatment to know that your exercise tolerance is not decreased; and lastly, there are nobody piercings in the treatment area. 

The process for TruSculpt Flex has three modes, and these are the following: 

  • Prep Mode
  • Prep Mode involves the creation of a twisting motion for warming up the muscles and stretching them for your body to gradually build up an excellent tolerance to the muscle contractions created by TruSculpt Flex treatment. 
  • Sculpt Mode
  • In Sculpt Mode, you can experience fast, deep, and consecutive muscle contractions to stimulate basal metabolic rate (BMR) and increase muscle mass. One of the best benefits that TruSculpt Flex have is the ability to personalize your treatments. Your provider can customize treatments based on your goals, body shape, and fitness level with the 16 attachments used for the process. Using TruGel, the attachments will stick to the body to give TruSculpt Flex advantages. 
  • Tone Mode
  • The Tone Mode involves steady muscle contractions that hold it until exhaustion and eventually relax while increasing muscle strength and endurance. 

Which treatment mode suits me best? 

The treatment mode will primarily depend on your level of fitness. Individuals who have a low fitness level or are recovering from an injury can begin with a preparatory manner that will slowly get the muscles going. On the other hand, those who are fitter can start with the tone mode and then proceed to the sculpt mode. Your provider will gradually increase the intensity level through the session in all three modes according to your tolerance.

What are the advantages of TruSculpt Flex? 

Aside from the fact that it can simultaneously contour muscle groups, clinical studies also show that the results of TruSculpt give an average of 30% muscle mass growth. The results are visible dew weeks after the treatment, which you can also personalize to achieve your body goals! 

Additionally, one treatment of TruSculpt Flex is equivalent to the intensified squat, crunch, and twisting actions. There can be eight areas of medicine that can take less than an hour to process. 

Is TruSculpt Flex for me? 

Generally, TruSculpt Flex is for anyone who desires wellsculpted and contoured muscles. However, in your initial consultation with your provider, they need to ensure that you do not have the following conditions: 

  • Epilepsy 
  • Cardiac arrhythmias 
  • Hernia in the treatment area
  • Implanted pacemakers and defibrillators are electrical devices. 

The presence of these can affect your suitability for TruSculpt Flex. 

Treatment, results, and recovery

The treatment usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete per session. Depending on your body shape and contouring goals, you may need four to six TruSculpt Flex treatments to achieve your desired results. 

You can begin to see the results four to six weeks before your treatment, but more treatments mean more result visibility. According to sources, you can attain permanent results with continuous exercise, eight maintenance, and healthy eating habits or lifestyle. Remember that TruSculpt Flex is just an aid to help you contour muscles, but it does not entirely promote muscle-flexing. Having a healthy lifestyle and contoured muscles is what matters most. 

For recovery, you can experience soreness or fatigue, like the feeling of tiredness after doing a heavy workout routine. You can opt for resting or continue working out, but do not continue your workout routine 12 hours after. It is vital to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet, especially after the procedure. 

Aftercare and side effects

The treatment is undeniably efficient. However, to further maintain the results and get the best out of it, you should continue your daily fitness routine. This practice can also help alleviate and stimulate a healthy lifestyle. You can continue your exercises, but do not do a heavy workout 12 hours after your TruSculpt Flex procedure. 

Moreover, there can be side effects but experiencing all of these is normal. The side effects of TruSculpt Flex are the following: 

  • Tingling and numbness sensation in the treatment area. 
  • Frequent urination and bowel movements. 
  • Muscle contractions and soreness for two days. 
  • Thirst, so drink a lot of water. 
  • Temporary pinkness on the skin after the procedure can show gel pad sensitivity. 
  • Hunger rises, so make sure to have a good protein intake but avoid excess calories. 

Tips on making a personalized muscle treatment plan

We all have specific body parts and areas that we desire to enhance, and we can personalize the plan according to our preference and level of initial fitness. For those individuals who have never tried exercising and have been recovering from injury, professionals recommend you to start subtly. 

Additionally, those already robust can start more strongly to define and stimulate their already-impressive muscles ultimately. A “Flex trainer” will stir you to frequently increase the muscle contraction intensity to get the most outstanding result from your treatment during each treatment.

According to health and fitness blogs, it would be best to have two treatments per week for two to three weeks for the more extended program and continue with maintenance treatments a few months after. 

Your provider will encourage you to continue your regular fitness regimen and diet during this time.

Flexing your muscles has never been easier with TruSculpt Flex, but you want to rest your flexing fate with the best hands. With the gentle touch of Absolute Healthcare & Wellness, you can assure quality TruSculpt Flex work. 

Located in Newnan, United States, experience FDA-approved and cost-effective treatments handled by skilled professionals. Contact the best clinic for you if you are ready to post instagrammable photos with your toned stomach, buttocks, and thighs!

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